Monday, June 30, 2008

Today was a little frustrating. I had thought I got my maturation rates down awhile ago, but when I was checking back on all my rates I discovered that the way I had calculated the maturation rates did not seem correct. I had manually calculated them (w help of matlab) using the info that mice sexually mature in about six weeks (42 days). Hopefully I can fix this soon, even though at the moment I am confused on how to go about doing so.

I also fixed my birth rates (for my linear model) and my seasonal issues after my talk with Heideman. I also keep getting confused on the way to find birth rates for my nonlinear model; my idea was to multiply a reproductive success rate with a meeting rate to give me a "birth rate" but I want to somehow make sure this corresponds with the birth rate info Heideman gave me (4 litters per year, each litter consists of about 4 mice).

I will probably take a break from parameters tomorrow and focus on getting a draft of my lab report done in tech.

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